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MyParfum | Overview

With more than 88,000 customers, MyParfum is the global market leader in individualized perfumes.

With more than 88,000 customers, MyParfum is the global market leader in individualized perfumes. By means of our innovative and award-winning MyParfum scent system, we are changing the perfume market. Online or in stores, our customers may take the role of the perfumer themselves and create their own unique fragrance.

Individuality in a Flacon

Once it was reserved for powerful rulers and enchanting beauties such as Cleopatra, today it thrills people around the globe: The luxury of one's own perfume.

Our customers become perfumers themselves and create their own unique fragrance online. In so doing, they first choose the character of the scent. Based on this character, we recommend the matching scents to our customers. They may choose between 50 exclusive ingredients like Damascus rose, cashmere wood, or Sicilian lemon. The flacon can be individualized as well and labeled with one's own name or a photo. The result is a truly unique perfume in a personal flacon, which suits one's own preferences, taste, and character.


Create Your Own Perfume in 3 Easy Steps


The MyParfum scent system, our modular system for creating individual perfumes, was developed together with renowned perfumers and is globally unique. Our concept has won multiple awards, for instance the EO Global Innovation Award in the U.S. (the previous winner was MeetMe, which was sold for USD 100m in the meantime).



Unique: An Individual Perfume in a Personal Flacon


88,000 Customers, 1,500 Press Reports, and Total Revenues of EUR 3.5m

With over 88,000 customers, 132,000 individual perfumes sold, and cumulated revenues of EUR 3.5m, we have already proven that the concept works. We are thus taking account of the two mega-trends in the EUR 14bn perfume market: The boom in online retail and the omnipresent trend toward individuality.

Roughly 11 % of revenues on the German perfume market are already generated online, and this number is increasing. In times of mass consumption and conformity, the importance of individualized products and services is constantly increasing. There is hardly an accessory that expresses one's own personality more clearly than one's personal fragrance.

However, this business concept is also very attractive from an economic perspective. Once all costs of marketing, production, and returns have been deducted, the profit (before fixed costs) per perfume sold is € 15.23 (36 %) – at a (net) sales price of only € 42! 

Celebrities also swear by their own fragrance. In addition to numerous private customers, we have already been able to convince famous labels from the music and show business as well as important figures from the international fashion and movie industry. German actress Anja Kling, who has won several important German movie awards, created her own perfume Adrian Jolie in the MyParfum laboratory to honor her children (view Article on Promiflash). The fashion labels LAC ET MEL and Kauffeld & Jahn also supplemented their Fashion Week collections with an individual fragrance by MyParfum (view Article on Promiflash).

Celebrities Also Swear by Their Individual Fragrance


So far, we have already acquired 88,000 customers; in 2017, we will have more than 400,000. But there is no need to worry: Since there are 150 billions of possible scent combinations, we can almost guarantee each customer a unique fragrance. Only 6 % of customers use our voluntary money-back guarantee.

Because of our long experience, our technological advantage, and our high brand awareness, we have created a big barrier to potential copycats that challenge our global market leadership in individualized perfumes. By means of 1,500 press reports and TV campaigns with million-euro budgets, we have been able to create a famous brand with a media equivalency value (i.e., the value of our press articles/campaigns translated to advertisements) of EUR 10-20m.


We Will Increase the Number of Customers from 88,000 Today to 400,000 in 2017


Proof of Concept and Lessons Learned

The concept of the individualized perfume works. Due to the promising figures, growth rates of 300-400 % during Christmas sales in 2011, and an annual profit of over EUR 70,000, we had massively scaled the predecessor of today's MyParfum in 2012, had expanded our team to more than 60 employees, and had increased our expenses for TV commercials twentyfold to a million-euro budget. We had placed all of our trust in TV commercials, but the TV effect and the increase in revenues it generated was not the same at this astronomical level as before. We had overestimated the scalability of TV commercials and increased our expenses more than we should have, which is why the predecessor of our company became insolvent at the beginning of 2013. Yet, we did not give up. Due to the support of our friends and business partners, we were able to completely restructure the company and successfully reorient it last summer.

Today, we know that scaling up a company requires a lot of planning. TV cannot work miracles; it can only be part of a well-balanced marketing mix. Thanks to the experiences we have made over the last few years, we are now ready to take the next step and lead the company to success. In the future, we are going to use a well-balanced mix of marketing and sales activities instead of a single marketing channel. At the same time, we are going to ensure that our monthly expenses do not exceed our receipts and that the liquidity of our business is guaranteed over the long term despite all investment projects.


Celebrities on MyParfum


The MyParfum group now consists of a holding company that is not involved in any operational activities, holds all assets, and owns 100 % of the operational subsidiary MyParfum Europe GmbH. All Companists are investing in the MyParfum holding company and are thus going to participate in the future national and international success of the company.


Our Assets Are Protected by a Holding Company


Enormous Potential: The Next Step

Today, MyParfum is on the verge of global success and is revolutionizing traditional perfume retail. In the past, we have already been offering our tailored perfumes very successfully on our own website. In the future, we will cooperate with perfume store chains and also offer our personal fragrances in stores.

For this purpose, we have developed the MyParfum scent bar, which is going to be integrated into the first perfume stores as early as this year. By means of the MyParfum scent bar, we are going to have our own sales desks in our partner stores, where the existing sales clerks will serve customers. We are going to provide the equipment and the expertise. In this way, perfume stores can enable their customers to directly create their individual perfume in the store. Moreover, perfume stores will be able to distinguish themselves from their competitors, to refine their brand image, and to increase the loyalty of their customers. The first 5 branches are going to be equipped this year; up to 240 branches will follow until 2018.

For strategic reasons, however, we also run our own branches. We have recently opened the first MyParfum atelier in Berlin-Mitte. As a flagship store, our atelier primarily serves the purpose of branding. Nonetheless, it is already profitable and self-supporting after 3 months. Additional flagship stores in select strategic locations such as Hamburg and Munich, which are also important media locations, will follow.

Simultaneously, we are cooperating with select online perfume shops. For this purpose, we are currently developing the MyParfum fragrance designer as a partner solution. Thus, online perfume shops like Douglas may also enable their customers to create individual perfumes directly on the shops' websites in the future. In such cases, we will handle the entire perfume production and processing of orders. The fragrance designer will be integrated into the first websites as early as this year.

After our successful market entry in Austria (where we are already generating 6 % of our revenues) and Switzerland, we will also establish ourselves in England and France and on the huge American market.


The Next Steps: We Will Establish Individualized Perfume around the Globe


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