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Nepos has developed the world's first tablet with a universal user interface - to introduce the 65+ generation to the digital world.
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The Nepos tablet and its universal user interface enables the 65+ generation to enter the digital world. More than 300 test users have accompanied the development process. Nepos created the world's simplest tablet for the older generation by taking their specific needs into consideration.

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The tech startup Nepos provides seniors access to the advantages of digitalization. The first product is a tablet with a user interface that everyone can understand.

Our lives are shifting to the digital realm, but an entire generation is being left behind. According to the D21 Digital Index 2017/18, 16 million people are left out of the digital world in Germany alone. Not even half of the 65-year-olds participate in the digital world. However, the Internet can provide a new way of participating in social and community life, especially in old age.

The problem: Those who have hardly participated in the digital development so far are confused and overwhelmed by today's diversity and inconsistency of the applications. After each "update" and after each click on a new Internet offer, the previously learned structure seems useless. Together with gerontologists, usability experts, software architects, and designers, Nepos developed the world's first universal user interface, called UI+ (short for Universal Interface Plus) in a three-year development process with more than 300 test users from the 65+ generation.

The UI+, combined with the high-quality hardware designed by star designer Werner Aisslinger, is the simplest tablet in the world. What's special: Users always access applications such as email, online banking, shopping or video calling with the same menu logic. In the future, all digital content can even be automatically integrated into the UI+ display, eliminating the need to relearn.

The market-ready prototype is ready for serial production. At the end of the year, the tablet is to be launched at a sales price of EUR 449 or a subscription model for EUR 29.99 per month. The market volume in Germany alone amounts to EUR 4.5 billion.


Nepos - Market volume


Nepos profits from the sale of the tablets and from royalties on the pre-installed offers. The scalable business model has met with great interest among media companies, banks, and mail order companies. Renowned business angels such as Florian Heinemann, Christian Vollmann, Rolf Schrömgens, and Udo Schloemer have already recognized the social relevance and enormous economic potential and have invested in Nepos.

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