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This investment carries considerable risks and may lead to a loss of the entire assets invested. Projected returns cannot be guaranteed and may be lower than expected. | Overview ("" in English), which has more than 70,000 members, is the largest German-language internet platform dedicated to the subject of smoking cessation. Together with company builder Covus, which founds companies together with ProSiebenSat.1 (a major German media corporation) among others, we will make the first digital marketplace for smoking cessation in the German-language part of the internet.

Done! I have finally stopped smoking!" This sentence makes every non-smoker proud – and rightly so. Again, many Germans have made this resolution for 2014. But what helps them overcome their addiction? Is there THE ultimate method for quitting smoking? Becoming a non-smoker is a lengthy process during which people have to find out which method suits them best. But no matter which method they choose, the motivation and a strong will to reach their goal are essential. This is precisely where helps people.

Preview of the New Website

Independent Development into the Largest German Non-smoker Portal


As of today, is already the largest German-language internet portal dedicated to the subject of smoking cessation, and it was created together with experts such as Prof. Dr. med. Christian Bergmann of the Berlin Charité, one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. In particular, members benefit from the very active community. Together, our members overcome all small and large hurdles on their way to smoking cessation and fill with life. During this process, the portal supports them by means of various services: Interactive smoker tests, individual cessation plans, support by experts, and many other tools assist members from their first day until long after their last cigarette.

And the success speaks for itself: has managed to become the largest non-smoker community in Germany with more than 70,000 registered members and more than 1.8 million posts in the forum all by itself; it was not supported by advertising campaigns or active search engine optimization.

The generic domain is the basis of this successful development. Descriptive domains have the advantage that they receive a better search engine rating, which ensures a higher placement on Google and other sites. Thus, was able to grow to its current size solely because of its good search engine placement and the activity of its members.

The independent development into the non-smoker community with the most members has proven the huge demand in this segment. It is time this potential was used in an economic sense and was developed into a company that permanently generates profits. For this reason, Covus Health GmbH is now taking to the next level and is concentrating on the continuous growth of the community.

Covus – Specialist for the Development and Sale of Lead Generation Portals


As a part of the Covus group of companies, is ideally positioned: Covus operates internationally as a company builder, and, among others, it developed, the largest German browser games portal, and sold it to ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG., another company from the Covus group of companies, was successfully launched by means of crowdfunding on Companisto in September 2013.

We wish to repeat this success with and to build the largest German lead generation portal for smoking cessation and health care. "Lead generation portal" means that we earn money by referring potential non-smokers to partners from the health care industry. In other words, we refer people who wish to become non-smokers to companies offering products or services related to the subject of smoking cessation and receive a commission for this. Covus is very experienced in developing lead generation portals. Some famous examples of this are,, and Several such companies have been led to an exit already.


The Entrance Hall of Covus in the Heart of Berlin

Just as the entire health care industry, the smoking cessation industry has been experiencing steady growth for decades. As a result, a huge market on which international companies offer their products and services has developed. On the demand side, there are almost 9 million people wishing to become non-smokers in Germany alone according to the latest report on drugs and addiction by the federal government. This target group spends more than 14 billion euros on tobacco products. Once these people have quit smoking, these 14 billion euros become available for smoking cessation products. The result is an enormous lead potential (i.e., potential of referral), which will use purposefully.

Therefore, we will make the first digital marketplace for smoking cessation in Germany. The portal collects selected, tested, and demonstrably successful offers in a single place and presents them to the users by means of detailed information. For this purpose, we work together with experts. On, members receive precisely the information that they are looking for in combination with true user feedback.

Because of the existing very large community and the cooperation of the portal with renowned experts, the Covus group has been able to conclude more than 30 cooperation agreements with companies from the industry so far, including "Allen Carr," the largest provider of non-smoker seminars worldwide.

Potential Exit to a Company from the Health Care Industry


By means of, however, we wish not only to build a sensible portal for non-smokers, but also to create a profitable investment case for our shareholders and the Companists. Therefore, we are aiming for an exit to a company from the health care industry in the medium term.

The exit potential of is due to its attractiveness to the entire health care industry and will thus be an integral part of the strategy from the beginning: The digitalization of the health care industry is a new challenge to all competitors. Consequently, more and more major international companies are seeking to enter the internet business, which has been dominated by smaller players so far. The major companies from the health care industry are often worth several billions, yet they lack the experience and competence necessary to develop internet portals. For a health care company, it is easier and more sensible to purchase an existing, well-functioning portal than to take the risks and expenses of developing an own portal. enables these companies to minimize the barriers to entry and to create a direct channel of communication with their target group. The large and closely targeted community represents an important asset that makes a serious candidate for an exit. Therefore, we are dedicated to leading to an exit for the benefit of the Companists and the other shareholders by addressing strategic partners directly and early.

Cross-media Positioning of

The App

For this purpose, it is important that we position ourselves across different media from the beginning. Mobile internet usage has become part of our everyday life. Community-based services in particular focus strongly on mobile solutions, for these solutions offer entirely new possibilities in addition to the constant availability of the user. Thus, mobile strategy is a core subject for as well because mobile solutions can be used to expand the offer for our cooperators in addition to providing an additional value to users.

Consequently, the app will be available shortly. The app will serve as a constant motivator and a mobile connection to the community. It will inform users for how many days they have not smoked and which important milestones they have reached as well as how much money they have saved and how much lifetime they have gained. Moreover, it will contain a HELP feature: Particularly during the first days after quitting, future non-smokers frequently face situations in which it is extremely difficult not to smoke. In such situations, they need to be supported in order not to succumb to the force of habit. If this happens, the app will send a call for help to the contacts of the member, who may then actively support him or her. In the medium term, we will also expand the offer for our cooperators via the app and be able to offer location-based service for instance.

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