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Pablo & Paul | Overview

Empty walls? Pablo & Paul can help you change this. We offer exclusive and affordable art by young artists. In our online shop and our store-within-a-store, everyone can find that special something for their walls. 

It seems that there is a copy of the famous "Lunch atop a Skyscraper" photograph in every other German home. Most people, however, want something special to put on their walls at home: In Germany alone, 29 million people are interested in art (source: Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach 2013). Often, these people simply lack the time and the knowledge about art as well as the money to buy it. Also, affordable and unique art is not easily accessible. Still, exclusive works of art do not have to be expensive or require a trip to an art gallery.

We enable people to easily access art. Pablo & Paul is the new platform for exclusive and affordable art. From the wide range of contemporary art, we select unique paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, and mixed-media artworks (for which artists use various materials such as paper, metal, vinyl, etc.) and offer them for sale on our platform. We put special emphasis on a high quality and on exclusiveness when selecting artworks. As a result, customers of Pablo & Paul are able to purchase unique artworks and exclusive editions, i.e., limited editions. Each artwork costs between 80 and 2,500 euros and is in the lower or medium price segment of a growth market; the median sales price within the art market is 1,920 euros (source: European Fine Art Foundation 2013).


Pablo & Paul Artworks


Pablo & Paul may be found wherever people purchase artworks. In addition to our online shop, which we launched in January 2014, we also opened our first store-within-a-store at BoConcept, a Danish designer furniture retailer, in July. In this store, potential customers can view and purchase artworks on very large touch screens.


Pablo & Paul-Online-Shop


Customers operate our touch screens through intuitive gestures and icons that have not been available in this way in conventional stores before. Thus, browsing our artworks is pleasant and very easy. Our quality seals indicate whether the artwork was made by an artist who has already won prizes or sold his or her works to renowned museums. In this way, we have created a new art shopping experience.


Pablo & Paul at BoConcept


During our first business year, we generated medium five-digit revenue and have already made a first partnership agreement for our store-within-a-store concept with BoConcept (which has over 260 stores worldwide). Moreover, we are proud that ProSiebenSat.1, one of the leading European media corporations, invested in our company. Consequently, we have exclusive and free access to experts on PR, marketing, production (for TV and the internet), and IT, and we benefit from considerable media presence.

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