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Panono | Overview

Panono has created the Panono Camera – the world's first 360° x 360° throwable camera – to change the multi-billion photography market by means of disruptive innovations. Existing global demand through preorders, unparalleled interest by the media, a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, numerous awards, and first-rate partners in the areas of production and sales emphasize the potential of this Berlin company to become a success story similar to the video revolution GoPro. 

The Panono Camera

Panono was founded in 2012 based on the simple fact that photos influence our lives more than ever but that the essential design of cameras hardly differs from the design of the first compact cameras.  

Nikon F from 1959 (Photo © by Jeff Dean)


If one compares this Nikon from 1959 with modern cameras, it seems almost unimaginable that 55 years have passed since then, especially if one considers the dramatic changes in other industries and technologies over this period. Virtually all developments in the area of photography over the last 100 years are based on the same usage situation: Photographers are standing behind the camera and looking at a preferably static scene in front of the camera through the viewfinder or display, which they then capture by pressing a button. However, today's generation no longer sticks to this paradigm, which becomes apparent both in the selfie hype and in innovative products long ridiculed by the traditional industry, e.g., the GoPro action cam, which has become a bestseller in the area of video recording.

As a company, Panono has the goal of playing a decisive role in the paradigm shift in photography with its innovative products made in Germany. Indeed, the company's first product – the award-winning Panono Camera – has the potential of becoming a true game changer:

When the Panono Camera is thrown into the air, its 36 integrated cameras take a 360° x 360° picture at the highest point. The camera thus enables users to take a complete picture of a moment in the most simple fashion imaginable. Each picture taken with the Panono Camera is a complete and interactive panorama (360° x 360°). Everything is photographed in all directions and with an extremely high resolution of 108 megapixels (MP). 



This resolution, which is three times higher than that of rival products, ensures extremely sharp pictures. The design of the Panono Camera is protected by international design patents.

Our customers appreciate our engineering work:

In total, we have already received approx. 3,000 preorders for the Panono Camera worth EUR 1.3m. Each month, we receive additional preorders worth EUR 45,000 without any significant advertising activities.

If one believes the media, Panono seems to be extremely close to its goal of having a lasting impact on the future of photography:

In fact, hundreds of media around the globe have been thrilled by the Panono Camera and have published over 500 articles about it. We have appeared not just in American elite media in the area of technology such as Wired, Mashable, and Engadget, but also in European mass media like ZDF, Der Spiegel, and the BBC. 

Be part of our global roll-out in early 2015, when we will both make our customers beam with pleasure and use our lucrative business model to make a huge leap toward our goal of playing a decisive role in the future of photography.


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