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POET sound systems combine unique design with easy use and unparalleled sound quality.
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The hifi market is changing. Smartphone users want to stream music from their phones via sound systems. POET Audio sound systems, with their unique design, easy use and unrivalled sound quality, satisfy the desires of these music lovers. Our global expansion is based on excellent media reports from around the world and our hundreds of satisfied customers.

Key Investment Facts


The sound systems market is overloaded with outdated concepts and mass-produced goods from Asia

Many people are tired of their old stereo systems. They want to rid their apartments of bulky speakers and annoying cables. But does the market have any alternatives? So-called "smart" sound systems and sound bars, which are usually manufactured on the cheap in the Far East, are not really an alternative to a real hifi system in terms of sound quality. They may look very discreet but do not provoke enthusiastic reactions from sophisticated customers due to their bland design.


More and more people are using ONLINE music services instead of CDs

While CD sales are declining , digital music services such as iTunes, iMusic, Spotify, Deezer and many more are conquering the market. Millions of people want to stream music from their smartphones or tablets via their hifi system (Source: IFPI Internat. Federation Phonographic Industry).


CD vs. online music


And VINYL is experiencing a miraculous renaissance

In Germany, vinyl sales are increasing by 30% every year. And rightly so: An LP is the pleasant, slow and stylish alternative to fast-paced yet convenient music services (Source: IFPI Internat. Federation Phonographic Industry).


POET develops and produces exclusive sound systems that take this trend into account.

A sound system has to have a high-class design and should use as few cables as possible. It must be easy to use. And it needs to deliver an authentic, crystal-clear sound. This might sound logical to you, but strangely enough there isn't a single product on the market that satisfies all demands equally. This is where we come in. Test reports and hundreds of customers have confirmed that POET sound systems are unique in terms of design, use and sound quality.


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The POET engineering team has more than 20 years of experience developing high-end sound systems. Our knowledge of how to achieve an authentic, honest reproduction of the original sound is based on this experience.

We employ international top designers, such as AUSTRIAN DESIGN AWARD WINNER Thomas Feichtner in order to ensure top-class aesthetics.

This is combined with our vision of a re-simplification of consumer electronics. Our motto is: Unpack, plug in and play. No need to download an app or study an instruction manual!

And we recognize trends straight away: wireless meets vinyl! Our fonetta° is an all-in-one record player with speakers, amplifier and wireless streaming: no cables and compact integration in an elegant design!




Successful market entry

We have been able to generate revenues of more than EUR 580,000 without advertising and external sales since our market entry two years ago. In Austria, we are pursuing a direct sales strategy. That means that we target end customers directly by cooperating with furniture stores such as e.g. Neue Wiener Werkstätte. We were even able to conclude distribution agreements with leading distributors in Hong Kong, Seoul, Beirut and Paris and, in 2015, registered orders worth more than EUR 95,000. In 2015, we almost reached the break even point.

Now we want to climb to the next level with the help of the Companists: Expanding sales in the US and Asia through cooperation agreements with distributors. And, in the EU, installation of POET boutiques in the hot spots of European metropolises.

We are motivated by the vision that listening to music can be made into a special and valuable experience again. We want to create the timelessly elegant and simple systems to do this with.

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