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Prelovee | Overview

Prelovee is the Google of secondhand designer fashion and accessories.
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The German-speaking secondhand market consists of more than 100 online and over 1000 offline stores. Its special feature – each item is unique. The problem of this market is its fragmented and nontransparent nature. Prelovee solves this problem with a meta-search engine. They have already acquired more than 30 online partners, offering a combined amount of more than 1.5 million products on its site. Customers save time and money through efficient comparisons. We want to become the first point of contact for secondhand fashion and are already generating over EUR 40,000 organic monthly external sales on our way towards this goal.

Prelovee - Key Investment Facts


The secondhand fashion market is a young and rapidly growing market (almost doubling to USD 33 billion in the next 3 years), which is characterized by a high degree of fragmentation. The German-speaking area entails more than 100 online markets and around 1000 secondhand shops.

Prelovee is the first search engine designed especially for luxury secondhand fashion (similar to Trivago for travels) in the German-speaking area (Europe and USA to come) and solves the problem of lacking transparency when searching for designer fashion. A comparison to online partners based on internal research shows that the customer saves time (>80%) by using this search engine, receives transparent price comparison options (up to 60% savings compared to online partners), and has access to an integrated product portfolio.

With more than 30 online partners, Prelovee offers a portfolio of 1.5 million products of 500 brands on its platform. Sales are generated through PPC (pay per click = EUR 0.3-0.5) or PPO (pay per order = 8% commission) contracts with online partners. The average shopping cart of Prelovee's online partners is EUR 400 (comparison: Zalando - EUR 66).

The founders wrote a book, “Live & Love Secondhand,” which deals with the facets of secondhand fashion and which will be published just in time for the start of the equity crowdfunding campaign. The book is rounded off by guest contributions from 11 well-known social influencers, who collectively reach more than 4 million followers.


Prelovee Vision


The integration of the offline secondhand fashion market via a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution is planned for the end of 2018 by connecting stationary stores via shop-in-shop solutions (similar to eBay as a marketplace model).

The two founders, Stephanie Neumann and Swantje Pawlitschek, share a long-standing friendship and a passion for secondhand fashion. In addition, the two complement each other in professional terms with a background in finance (Google & EY) and marketing/sales (Campari & LLOYD).

The founding team is supported by CTO Mark Schatz, who has many years of experience with search engines. Prelovee is part of Batch #1 of the Next Commerce Accelerator, finalist of the Breakthrough 2018 award and winner of the Munich Business Plan Competition Phase 1. Stephanie and Swantje are also mentors of SAP's Next Gen mentoring for female founders.

Equity crowdfunding offers the ideal combination of financing and viral marketing, allowing the creation of a broader dialogue about secondhand fashion.

With the Companists' investment, Prelovee can promote marketing and web development and integrate the offline secondhand market.

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