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Pumperlgsund | Overview

Pumperlgsund is the first food label to introduce 100% natural egg white into Germany's supermarkets.
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Pumperlgsund is the first brand for pure egg white from chicken eggs in Germany. After its deal in "Die Höhle der Löwen 2017," the startup increased its sales tenfold to EUR 1.5 million. Two years after market launch, they are already included in the assortment of 3,500 retailers. In 2017, the demand was so high that 35% of the orders could not be met. This is about to change!

Pumperlgsund - Key Investments


Pumperlgsund - known from "Die Höhle der Löwen 2017" (German equivalent to “Shark Tank”) - is the first food label for pasteurized liquid egg whites. Two years after market entry, Pumperlgsund's egg white is available in more than 3,500 stores, including every dm drugstore and many Rewe and Edeka stores. A new process that allows for the egg white to be kept at room temperature for four months made its inclusion in the retail product range product. Previously, this was not possible due to food regulations. Pumperlgsund thus increased its sales tenfold from EUR 150,000 in 2016 to EUR 1.5 million in 2017 and is now the market leader for liquid egg white in food retail.


Pumperlgsund - the clever food concept


With an average annual market growth of 77 %, protein is also one of the fastest-growing areas of nutrition in Germany. After all, over 20 million athletes, seniors, pregnant women and dieters benefit from a high-protein diet and belong to Pumperlgsund's target group. Protein is not only needed to build and maintain muscle cells, it is also highly satiated, boosts our metabolism, and is healthy. There is no need to break and separate the eggs and you can easily prepare white omelets, make protein shakes, or add it as a protein kick to every meal.

Compared to the whole egg, liquid egg white is neutral in taste and is often added as a protein shot to meals, e.g. muesli. It also has 0% fat and only a third of the whole egg's calories. The egg yolk obtained during separation is a much sought-after raw material: Confectionaries and food manufacturers receive it in bulk from the manufacturer.

In 2015, the two founders were able to attract the former national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann as one of the first investors. He himself is a customer and uses the liquid egg white. In 2017, Frank Thelen came on board during the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen," where he made his largest investment in a food startup so far by investing EUR 500,000 in Pumperlgsund.

Pumperlgsund also received the "Seal of Quality for a Better Quality of Life" from the renowned sports scientist Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse from the German Sports University in Cologne in 2017.

With the Companists' investments, Pumperlgsund wants to strengthen its sales, move forward in opening up the German market, and establish exports.

Pumperlgsund's goal is to become Europe's No. 1 food label for convenience products made from eggs and to generate annual sales of just under EUR 39.5 million with an EBIT of EUR 10.5 million in 2025.

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