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REPLICATE® System | Overview

With NDI AG’s REPLICATE® System, replacing a damaged tooth is now gentler, quicker and requires less time in the dental chair.
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Natural Dental Implants (NDI) AG’s patented REPLICATE® System is a unique solution for treating damaged teeth with a 100% customized replacement tooth. Treatment with the REPLICATE® Tooth is more convenient for the patient. It is also gentler, quicker, and in many cases, requires less time for the dentist to complete treatment. NDI AG reproduces the shape of the tooth root with help of 3D X-ray images. Unlike today's conventional methods of tooth replacement, the dental bridge and screw-type implant, the REPLICATE Tooth is placed immediately after the extraction of the damaged tooth, sparing the patient the lengthy follow-up appointments associated with traditional dental implants and the damage to adjacent teeth caused by dental bridges. The founders have many years of experience introducing disruptive technologies in both the German and American markets. This financing round will include both the Companists as well as a leading German venture capital firm, which has already invested €1,000,000. 

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REPLICATE System - Original vs. Implant


Until now, patients only had the following options when their dentist determined that a diseased or damaged tooth needed to be completely removed:

  • A dental bridge
    In order to affix the dental bridge, healthy or previously intact dental crowns from adjacent teeth are ground down into the shape of a post in order to provide support for the dental bridge 
  • A screw implant
    Three months post extraction, after the wound has healed, the implant dentist must cut a flap in the gum tissue to expose the bone, drill a hole into the patient's jaw, and screw in a conventional dental implant. Three months after that has healed, another flap is cut and the abutment, the portion that holds the final crown, is attached to the screw.




Patients want an easier, quicker, and gentler option for treatment. Dentists want to offer a qualitatively superior form of treatment, avoid unnecessary expenses and reduce the time and cost of additional procedures.

In order to meet this demand, NDI AG developed the REPLICATE System. For more than four years now, the technology has been successfully used in Europe and in the U.S. patient study.


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With the REPLICATE System, the natural tooth's root is copied by means of a 3D X-ray. The anatomically shaped REPLICATE Tooth is then manufactured using titanium and ceramic. Unlike conventional treatment methods, the REPLICATE System allows the new tooth to be directly implanted upon the removal of the damaged tooth without drilling.



Worldwide, the REPLICATE System is the only one of its kind on the market. Through a variety of patents and patent applications in the United States and Europe, NDI AG has created high barriers of entry for imitators and competitors.


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Over the last few years, the system has been proven in multiple patient care scenarios, meeting expected success rates and result outcomes as detailed in the goals of the clinical study. 

In Berlin, a comprehensive, certified production line has been set up. The certification authorized NDI AG to distribute the REPLICATE System in all EU member states.

Currently, NDI AG is focusing on getting FDA approval for the REPLICATE System and preparing a sales strategy for the United States, the world's most attractive market for dentistry. At the moment, the NDI AG is negotiating a contract, which could amount to more than €15,000,000 in revenue per year. The prospective customer is a chain of dental offices with more than 300 dentists in the United States.


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The company’s success to date has motivated the lead investor, GUB, to invest another €1,000,000 in NDI AG in the current round of co-financing.

The Companists are investing together with an experienced, professional investor who's been active in this market for many years. The goal here is to push the total investment sum to €3,500,000.

NDI AG's goal is an exit either through a company sale or an IPO.

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