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Returbo | Overview

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Returbo is the market leader within the secondary market for e-commerce products, is a profitable business, and will most likely generate more than €6m in revenues in 2015. We are profitably selling customer returns and other secondary market products through more than 30 online sales channels and are offering consumers brand products at unbeatable prices. 

Investment Highlights


Returbo was founded in 2010 and is the market leader within the secondary market for e-commerce products. Therefore, Returbo is focusing on several megatrends in e-commerce and satisfying consumers, online retailers, and manufacturers alike. We enable consumers to access thousands of brand products at unbeatable prices via more than 30 sales channels (e.g., eBay, Amazon, Moreover, we are providing retailers and manufacturers with an efficient way of marketing secondary market goods such as customer returns, end-of-lifetime goods, and overstock.

By means of substantial investments in the Returbo platform (i.e., in our logistics center, IT system, and team development), we have recently become a profitable business. Consequently, this growth financing campaign has a lower risk than funding campaigns of start-ups that have not yet reached the proof-of-concept stage. Unlike many start-ups, Returbo is already able to collaborate with lenders.

Our current shareholders and investors include people and companies that provide us with strategic benefits (e.g., customer acquisition through portfolio synergy), for instance Martin Sinner (founder of and current online CEO of Media/Saturn group), German Startups Group (shareholder of numerous e-commerce businesses such as,,, and Amorelie (which has achieved an exit)), Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB), and Harbert Venture Loan Fonds. 

Having reached breakeven point, we have decided to partially finance growth with the help of the crowd in order to increase brand awareness and improve communication with consumers.

We can explain our use of capital during the growth stage very easily: We plan to scale up our successful model by intensifying our marketing & sales activities and by expanding our IT infrastructure, particularly in the area of customer relationship management (CRM). While doing so, we can use previous investments in our platform because only 20 % of the capacity of our logistics center is currently being used, which is why we need relatively few capital to significantly increase revenues and profits.

One of the most important reasons why we have chosen to launch a crowdfunding campaign is that Returbo has not placed much emphasis on its public image thus far. We deliberately decided not to place too much emphasis on publicity because we first wanted to occupy the very lucrative market ourselves, to create barriers to entry for potential competitors by developing our innovative Returbo platform and making cooperation agreements, and to defend and improve our position as the market leader. Through this campaign, the relaunch of our website, and other PR activities, Returbo is now actively raising public awareness for the first time. Through our expansion, we want to achieve a larger market share and ensure that competitors may enter the market less easily.


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