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Rydies | Overview

Rydies digitizes and interconnects the short-distance mobility of the first and last mile.
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With up to 20 years of experience in the mobility industry, Rydies' founding team offers a solution for the fragmented and disconnected micro mobility market. This makes Rydies the first solution for digital & interconnected mobility that is independent of any provider.

Rydies - Key Investment Facts


Cities worldwide face a great need for action to solve the problems of traffic caused by cars. Due to the climate goals and the demands on urban planning, the demand for intelligent mobility solutions in politics, administration and the economy is high.  

The use of bicycles and the number of associated providers and services has already increased considerably in recent years: In 2017 alone, around 30 million e-bikes were sold worldwide (estimated 40 million in 2023), of which 720,000 were sold in Germany (+19%) and more than 3 million were used for bike sharing. Bike leasing and company bicycles are also promoted, and new vehicle and sales concepts are entering the market.

Until now, however, both providers of bicycle mobility and other mobility service providers such as public transport companies have operated separately. This lack of interconnectivity means that there is no basis for an efficient combination of the two transport systems, public transport and cycling.

This is caused by an inadequate data base, which is characterized by considerable dispersion and a great volume of information that has not yet been digitalized.


The mobility data startup Rydies offers a solution precisely for this problem. Rydies digitalizes and integrates all bike mobility services with other means of transport.

Read more about Rydies' answers to questions on urban mobility in our Companisto blog (in German).


Rydies thus represents the interface between micro mobility providers and mobility portals.

Information about services and booking thereof is integrated into the websites/apps of third-party providers and linked to additional mobility services by means of digital interfaces.

The following example shows the integration of Rydies’ booking data for “bike parking” at the starting point and “bike-sharing” at the arrival point in the travel route suggested by the transport provider.


Rydies - Connecting Bike Mobility Offers


Rydies’ target groups include mobility portals (cities, public transportation services, bus/rail, and map/navigation businesses, mobility apps) and providers of micro mobility (esp. bike-sharing providers, conventional bike rentals, paid parking stations, free parking areas, e-bike charging stations).

Advantages: Cities and transportation providers can integrate cycling connections into their services, while providers of bike mobility services gain access to new target groups and online sales channels. Moreover, users of these services gain access to information, booking & payment of secure bike parking spots, charging opportunities for e-bikes, as well as rental and sharing offers all via their preferred website/app without having to access an additional website or app.


Rydies - References


Rydies generates revenues in 3 ways: Data licenses for portals, commissions, and software licenses for providers.

In December 2017, innogy from Essen (e-mobility, energy) and in-tech from Garching/Munich (automotive, digitalization) made seed investments in Rydies and actively supported its establishment.

Through financing via Companisto, Rydies intends to expand sales in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and to continue improving its IT platform.

By 2024, Rydies wants to have established itself as THE solution for urban bicycle and micro mobility worldwide, make a significant contribution for liveable cities with fewer cars and more bikes, and generate EUR 20 million in revenues in doing so. To accomplish this, the founding team draws upon up to 20 years of experience and contacts in the mobility, travel, and car sharing industries.

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