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TradeMachines is the global search engine for used machines, ranging from diggers to production machines.
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TradeMachines is the global search engine for pre-owned machines, ranging from diggers to production machines. Every 8.6 seconds, we connect a purchaser with a seller. We are promoting digitization within a fast-growing market and already handle as many as 30 % of auctions in Europe.

Axel Jahn, Netviewer Founder
In addition to various other companies, Axel founded Netpioneer and Netviewer. The market leader in online conference systems, Netviewer was sold to Citrix for a price in the three-digit million range. Today, Axel is a shareholder of TradeMachines and serves as our advisor.


Wolfgang Heigl, Swoodoo Founder

Wolfgang founded Swoodoo, successfully developed it, and sold it to Kayak for €47 million. Afterward, he supervised the European marketing department of Kayak until the company's successful IPO and founded Hometogo in 2013. Wolfgang has invested in TradeMachines and is supporting us by contributing his expertise in meta search engines and technology.


Philipp Klöckner, Europe's Leading Search Engine Expert

Philipp has successfully developed search engines for various companies such as Wimdu, Ladenzeile, and Idealo – companies that are valued at significantly more than €100 million because of their Google ranking and their business success. He is one of our investors and regularly serves as our advisor, thus contributing to the success of TradeMachines.

Philipp Klöckner about TradeMachines: 

"As an angel investor and online marketing consultant, I have already helped many start-ups and growth companies. After meeting the TradeMachines team for the first time, I decided to join them as an investor and advisor. TradeMachines is focusing on one of the largest B2B markets worldwide and, as a meta search engine, will shape the digitization of this fast-growing market for industrial machines. Over the last few years, I have worked with six of the approx. 100 ‘unicorns,’ that is, start-ups valued at more than €1 billion. TradeMachines has the vision and the potential to become the global market leader in a €300 billion market and to join the small group of ‘unicorns.’ As an investor, you may support TradeMachines during this exciting journey."


Customer Testimonials

Jan Bröker, Managing Director of Dechow Auction House



Dechow is Germany's leading insolvency auction house and one of our longest-standing customers. Dechow closely collaborates with TradeMachines.


Uli Stalter und Michael Werker, Geschäftsführer der Surplex GmbH


Uli Stalter, Managing Director of Surplex GmbH


Michael Werker, Managing Director of Surplex GmbH


Surplex is both a dealer and an auctioneer and is the largest European trader in the area of woodworking and metalworking. Because of this dual role, Surplex uses the TradeMachines platform to advertise its goods and to find machines that Surplex customers are looking for.


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