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UNYTE - Yoga for everyone | Overview

UNYTE – Yoga for everyone! is the new and modern yoga for everyone. UNYTE stands for flexible opening hours, high-quality studios in top locations, and straightforward training sessions taught by first-rate instructors. Our goal is to remove the existing barriers by providing the best service so that yoga will become available to everyone. In this way, we want to become the market leader in yoga. 

"Yoga is a workout for your mind, your body, and your soul." (Madonna)

UNYTE – Yoga for everyone!


"(...) this is really interesting, and you get to know your own body better, which increases your focus. I hope this will be the decisive factor in winning the cup." (Lukas Podolski on yoga before the 2014 soccer world cup)


The German national soccer team does it. Celebrities do it. Executives do it.
Everyone should be able to do it: UNYTE is the new yoga for everyone. With the help of an unparalleled interdisciplinary team of experienced company founders, innovation experts, executives, yoga experts, studio experts, and communication experts, we will create Germany's leading chain of yoga studios.


And we are doing so at just the right time:

Today, Germans are constantly rushing from one appointment to the next. The speed of communication has increased by 10 million. At the same time, average sleep time has decreased by two hours. These developments have a very detrimental effect on people's physical and mental health. As a result, people feel stressed and overwhelmed by work. "Over the last 7 years, the number of sick days due to mental illnesses has increased by more than 97 %," former German Minister for Labour and Social Affairs Dr. Ursula von der Leyen wrote in the 2012 federal stress report.


Yoga as a Growth Market:

In light of these recent developments, people are becoming increasingly interested in yoga and meditation because of their positive effects on the body and the mind, and these two niche phenomena have entered the mainstream. In 2011, German health insurance companies paid more than 100 million euros for yoga classes.

“Through my work with the German national soccer team over the last eight years, the public image of yoga has changed. Skeptics have noticed that ‘real men’ can do yoga too.” (Patrick Broome, Germany’s most famous yoga instructor and senior advisor to the UNYTE yoga academy)

This is a global trend. Annual revenues of the yoga and Pilates industry in the U.S. have already surpassed 5 billion euros, and annual growth until 2017 is projected to be 5.2 %. This yoga boom in the U.S. can be considered a positive signal for growth in Germany.

(Sources: Radio Eins, German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, 2012 Harris Interactive Service Bureau „Yoga in America“,, /, IbisWorld Top 10 Fastest Growing Industries April 2012)


The Yoga Boom in the U.S. Is a Positive Signal for Growth in Germany


Germany as a Growth Market:

Roughly 14 million people in Germany are interested in yoga and meditation. According to the latest BDY (German association of yoga instructors) study published in 2014, however, only 3.3 % of Germans, i.e., 2.6 million people, practice yoga regularly.

This means that our target group of interested non-users and rare users consists of over 11 million potential yoga customers!

But why do so few people interested in yoga actually practice it? We have analyzed the reasons for this through several market research activities and studies. The evaluation of our own market surveys provided us with the following results:


  • 52 % of people surveyed have not had any direct connection to yoga yet. They are lacking a compelling reason to start and easy access.
  • 39 % of people surveyed think current offers are too expensive (our competitive analysis showed that the average price in Germany is approx. 80-100 euros when converted to a monthly price).
  • 30 % think current offers are "too esoteric."
  • 25 % of people just do not feel welcome because there is no warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • 15 % simply cannot find a studio nearby.


(Source: TNS Infratest 2009, n = 1000, Germany; 14 years and above; 20,165 people surveyed; Ifak Institut, Media Markt Analysen; 05 Mar. 2007-29 Jul. 2007; 01 Sep. 2007-27 Jul. 2008, Spiegel – Gefährlicher Kopfstand [Dangerous Headstand] 14/12, Unyte survey 29 Sep. 2014; 561 participants).

We want to make yoga readily accessible and use the existing market potential!


Our Concept: UNYTE – Yoga for everyone!

Simply speaking, there is just no modern offer that takes account of most customers' needs and that reduces the existing barriers to entry. 


UNYTE Has Found a Solution


Our goal is to create the leading yoga brand in Germany first and to become the leading chain of yoga studios afterward; we plan to do so by operating at least 20 yoga studios in Germany with a total of approx. 40,000 members by 2020 and by starting our international expansion soon after our launch in Germany.

To ensure success, we have left nothing to chance from the very beginning, but have collaborated with experts. Therefore, the UNYTE idea was not a sudden inspiration but the result of a systematic 6-month ideation process led by Venture Idea, an innovation company. This company was supposed to develop a chain of yoga studios that would bring yoga to the mainstream through an innovative approach (Yoga for Everyone!), thus realizing the huge market potential.

While UNYTE values and includes the roots of yoga, it translates them to modern urban life and work. By creating the first chain of yoga studios, which will combine several advantages in the areas of marketing, design, accessibility, pricing, and business structure in the background, we will make yoga more easily accessible with an eye for detail. As a result, we will become the pioneer of a new and professional yoga market.

In short:
We will make yoga simple and easily accessible for the vast majority of society.

In doing so, we will rely on our team of founders, which has a total of more than 100 years of professional experience in the development and teaching of yoga classes, gym operation, retail concepts, communication and community networks, and established business models.

Studio 1:

Our journey will begin with our "studio 1" in Berlin, a flagship studio in an attractive location and with a community space in the lobby that will invite people to become acquainted with the world of yoga first. In this studio, we will tell our story, provide a place of inspiration, interaction, education, and discussion, and put the UNYTE concept we have developed for 3 years into practice.

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