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WEMOVO is taking coach travel in Europe to the digital age. Our goal is to make coach trips more versatile and more widely available and to make bookings easier. We have already connected the two market leaders EUROLINES Switzerland and ALSA (Spain) to our system and have integrated major industry players like and Idealo into our sales infrastructure.


Until 2012, a controversial act from the 1930s caused the German coach travel market to be highly regulated. New long-distance coach lines received a license only if they were able to prove that their service would improve public transportation.

In 2013, the German coach travel market was finally liberalized. As a result, it is now possible that new long-distance coach lines are created anywhere in Germany and that these lines compete with one another and with railroad companies.

Immediately after liberalization, the then nonexistent long-distance coach market was suddenly booming. Between 2012 and 2013, the number of German coach travelers increased from 3.0 million to as many as 8.2 million, which corresponds to a 180 % increase. According to press release by, this number increased even further to almost 20 million coach travelers in 2014.

Because of this increase in travelers and growing demand for long-distance coach connections, the European coach travel market is undergoing dramatic change and is on the verge of a technological revolution.

WEMOVO is positioning itself within this new market and is connecting travel agencies (i.e., travel brokers) with coach operators throughout Europe through its own ticket booking software. Thus far, we have connected more than 140 coach operators to our software solution, so our sales partners (stationary travel agencies and digital booking platforms) may already offer over 200,000 travel connections within Europe. In this way, WEMOVO has already generated first revenues.


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