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The movie "WIE MÄNNER ÜBER FRAUEN REDEN" ("How Men Talk about Women") is an authentic urban comedy made in Berlin with a first-rate ensemble, and it has already been filmed. German comedies generate high revenues in German cinemas. Thus, our goal is to reach an audience of millions through a nationwide theatrical release. 

Since we are fans of the German movie "Bang Boom Bang" (which won the Bayerischer Filmpreis among others), we have always dreamed of making a movie with actor and Grimme award winner Oliver Korittke ("Mann tut was Mann kann," "Die Musterknaben").

With the help of a mutual friend of ours, we met with Oliver Korittke and showed him our screenplay. He then called back that same night and greeted us with the words, "guys, the DJ in your screenplay is just like me!"

Only a few days later, we outlined our movie project together with actor and multiple award winner Frederick Lau ("Die Welle," "Neue Vahr Süd," Deutscher Filmpreis, Deutscher Comedypreis, Grimme-Preis) at the Echo award ceremony. Frederick was also very enthusiastic about the movie immediately.

He then suggested charismatic actor Kida Ramadan ("Kebab Connection," "Knallhart," "Tatort"), who was very eager to play in a comedy instead of playing yet another villain.

Kida, in turn, suggested Barnaby Metschurat ("Solino" by Fatih Akin, "Anatomie 2," Bayerischer Filmpreis), who is a superb actor and a native of Berlin-Kreuzberg (where we filmed most of our movie). 


The Actors


Once we had come up with this wild bunch, we knew that we needed an equally likeable actress for the female lead. Still, we did not find our favorite actress for this role until Ellenie Salvo Gonzalez (who starred in "Vollidiot", a movie grossing five million euros in German cinemas, together with Oliver Pocher) walked through the door. "She is natural, likeable, and charismatic. It is a pleasure to work with this woman."

As we have been planning, financing, implementing, and publishing movie projects for many years, we soon found investors in our own network. After two years of hard work with a professional team of 80 people, the movie has been edited completely and is almost ready for its theatrical launch in Germany.

During filming with an experienced team led by award-winning cinematographer Raphael Beinder (winner of Deutscher Kamerapreis 2008), we created an appropriate and modern setting for our star ensemble. Parts of the project were unconventional, but this fact only led to more fun during filming and can easily be noticed in the entire movie. In fact, our team spirit was far better than during the average German movie project. Both the renowned actors and the other team members did not charge their usual salaries for WIE MÄNNER ÜBER FRAUEN REDEN because they were immediately convinced of our common movie project and still are today.

We were able to come up with the production budget using our own capital and investments by several friends and long-term business partners. Both we producers and our network financed the movie using our private funds because we are all convinced that our movie will be successful. Ultimately, everyone will profit.

Thus, the entire film project has been supported by a growing crowd of actors, team members, and investors from the very beginning. 

Over the last few years, we producers subordinated everything else to our vision of a successful movie and oriented our entire life around this movie. Now, the movie has been completely filmed and edited. Thus, at this point, we have already done the lion's share of the work before the movie's theatrical release. The next steps will be digital image and sound editing (post-production) and marketing. This is why we need you, the crowd!

The theatrical release of our movie is scheduled for early 2016



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