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ARTMO - Revolutionising the art industry with Companisto

Portfolio follow-on financing
after exponential user growth

ARTMO revolutionizes the art industry: The platform opens the first global secondary market for collectors and private sellers. It also creates new sales channels for artists and galleries.

ARTMO - A digital art platform with vision

ARTMO is more than just an online gallery. The platform brings together art enthusiasts, artists, galleries, museums, universities and companies from all over the world. The vision behind ARTMO is to create a global secondary market where artworks can be traded by collectors and private sellers. At the same time, the platform offers artists and galleries the opportunity to sell their works online without commission, which clearly sets it apart from other online galleries.

Direct communication, no commission fees

While other digital galleries use external mediators and charge high commission fees, ARTMO enables direct communication between artists and buyers at no additional cost. This innovative approach has revitalised interaction on the platform and democratised the art market. Artists can present their works authentically, while buyers have direct access to the creators without having to pay high commission fees. But ARTMO is not only suitable for artists and buyers of artworks. The platform is also accessible free of charge to art lovers who want to find out about the latest developments in the art world. The ability to read art news, follow innovative projects in the form of videos and exchange ideas with other art enthusiasts makes ARTMO a comprehensive social art network.

Companisto as a reliable partner

ARTMO launched in 2020 as an up-and-coming start-up and was able to record considerable user growth in the first few months after being funded by Companisto. The platform, which was launched by a founder with outstanding charisma and enthusiasm, is now active in over 120 countries. Companisto has made a significant contribution to ARTMO's success. Venture partner Carsten Brandt not only invested 50,000 euros, but also actively supported the startup in various areas. This financial and operational support helped to further optimise the platform, which was developed entirely in-house, and increase its reach.

Successful financing rounds

ARTMO's success story is also reflected in the financing rounds. In the first round, in the first quarter of 2020, 228,782 euros were raised from 66 investors, with a pre-money valuation of 2 million euros. The second financing round in the first quarter of 2021 was even more impressive, with 889,556 euros from 249 investors and a pre-money valuation of 2.5 million euros.

The changing art world

ARTMO has not only created a platform that has revolutionised the way art is traded, but has also shown that with creative ideas, commitment and the right support, remarkable success can be achieved. The cooperation with Companisto has not only strengthened ARTMO financially, but has also set the course for a successful future in the dynamic art industry. Art lovers, artists, galleries and collectors will find in ARTMO an innovative platform that unites the art world and makes it accessible to all.

Success facts:

  • Founder has extreme charisma and enthusiasm
  • Fully self-developed platform already active in over 120 countries
  • The significant user growth in the six months following the initial funding was achieved with little financial resources.
  • Companisto venture partner Carsten Brandt invests a further 50,000 euros and provides active support in various areas
  • 2020: Second successful financing round with around 889,556 euros


  • financed in Q1 2020
  • 228,783 EUR from 66 investors (equity)
  • Pre-money valuation was 2 million EUR

Roundstats 2:

  • financed in Q1 2021
  • 889,556 EUR from 249 investors (equity)
  • Pre-money valuation was 2.5 million EUR

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