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Simple and convenient from home or anywhere - the Doxter doctor appointment booking platform not only saves time, but also avoids long waiting times. Originally established in the USA, the business model has also been available in German-speaking countries since 2012. The company is now represented throughout the D-A-CH region as well as globally and has written a respectable success story, which is confirmed by Doxter's exit to Doctena.

The birth of Doxter and the support of Companisto

Doxter developed the innovative booking platform for medical appointments that revolutionized the way people use medical services. In the second quarter of 2012, the ambitious founding team was able to raise an impressive 100,000 euros with the support of 421 investors via Companisto. At that time, the pre-money valuation of the startup was 1.5 million euros. The valuation at the time not only attracted the interest of investors, but also that of serial entrepreneur Martin Sinner, the founder of Idealo. Sinner recognized the enormous potential of Doxter and decided to invest in the company. The partnership with Companisto not only provided Doxter with financial support, but also with valuable contacts and resources that were crucial for further growth.

The steep rise to market leader

In just four years, Doxter managed to become the successful market leader for booking medical appointments in Germany. The platform revolutionized the way patients make appointments and offered doctors an efficient way to manage their practices. This rapid success eventually led to the acquisition of Doxter by its Luxembourg-based competitor Doctena in 2016. The Companisto investors received a six-figure payout after four years - Doxter's exit was successful. The Companists who invested were thus rewarded for their trust and support in the start-up's initial phase. The success story of Doxter and Companisto is not only proof of the effectiveness of startup investments, but also of the positive cooperation between startups and investors.

Doxter offers customizable solutions

Even in challenging times, Doxter is proving to be a valuable tool; for example, the company's services have been put to excellent use during the coronavirus pandemic. The platform not only helps people find appointments for medical matters quickly, but also serves as a search engine and platform for doctor requests. Available appointments are displayed directly and an overview of how to get there is available thanks to the integration of Google Maps. The ability to rate doctors directly on the platform creates trust and orientation for patients.

Doxter - a success story with vision

The success story of Doxter, accompanied by the support of Companisto, is an inspiring example of the potential of innovative business ideas and successful collaboration between start-ups and investors. From a pre-money valuation of 1.5 million euros in 2012 to a market leader and a six-figure payout for Companisto investors - Doxter has proven that visionary ideas, combined with the right support, can lead to impressive success.


  • financed in Q2 2012
  • 100,000 EUR from 421 investors (silent participation)
  • Pre-money valuation was 1.5 million EUR

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