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ENIO, the company founded in 2013 by Dr. Franz Schodl and Friedrich Vogel, has developed into a leading technology company in the field of control and management of charging infrastructure for electromobility. The cooperation with Companisto played a decisive role in achieving the ambitious goals.

ENIO's vision: the e-charging station network of the future

ENIO's vision was clear from the outset: a cooperative charging system for electric cars that not only manages the charging stations, but also includes comprehensive energy management. The desire for sustainable and networked e-mobility drove the founders to create a solution that could be used not only locally, but throughout Europe. Due to the steady growth of electromobility, the charging infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. With its e-charging station network, ENIO has not only responded to the increasing demand, but has also acted with foresight. A study by Kienbaum predicted a 30% share of new registrations of electric vehicles in the EU by 2030. ENIO not only wanted to be part of this development, but also play a key role in shaping it.

The role of Companisto

The financing rounds with Companisto proved to be a turning point for ENIO. The partnership not only enabled the realization of the ambitious plans, but also a tremendous development of the company. Companisto, as a renowned provider of startup financing, recognized ENIO's potential and enabled a decisive boost through the financing rounds.

Successful sale and impressive return on investment

In 2018, the founders of ENIO were successfully replaced. The 49% return achieved underlines not only the successful development of the company, but also the high profitability for investors. This corresponds to an impressive average return of around 25% per year.

Current successes and outlook

Even today, several years after the financing rounds with Companisto, ENIO is a successful and technologically leading company in the field of e-mobility in Europe. With more than 6,000 charging points in various countries, ENIO serves customers from telecommunications, housing developers, municipalities, energy suppliers and retail companies. The collaboration between ENIO and Companisto has proven to be a success factor. From visionary founding to successful replacement, ENIO's story shows how crucial the right funding and partnerships can be to a company's success. ENIO remains a pioneer and established provider of software solutions for electromobility and continues on its path to serve the European market from Norway to Croatia.


  • financed in Q1 2016
  • 229,455 euros from 532 investors (part. subordinated loans)
  • Pre-money valuation was 2 million EUR

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