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In 2012, Olaf, Andreas and Alexander embarked on a culinary adventure and founded Foodist. At that time, e-commerce and gourmet food were barely connected. But the Hamburg founders had a visionary idea: as pioneers in Germany, they sent monthly gourmet boxes with exquisite delicacies directly to private households. A bold move that laid the foundation for a unique story.

The partnership with Companisto: a promising alliance

Just six months after its foundation, Foodist took the plunge into the world of financing rounds and chose Companisto as its partner. At this point, the young company already had 350 convinced gourmets on its customer card. The collaboration with Companisto proved to be a real stroke of luck - the startup grew faster than planned, and the Companists played a decisive role in this triumphal procession. Foodist went through a total of three financing rounds on Companisto, in which an impressive 1.5 million euros were invested. This financial backing enabled the company to achieve astonishing growth. Sales increased by an incredible 5000% in just under three years, and Foodist gained 150,000 active customers. Companisto's funding proved to be the catalyst for the gourmet start-up's rapid rise.

Success and recognition: ProSieben Accelerator and "Die Höhle der Löwen"

In addition to the trust of the Companists, Foodist also attracted the attention of the ProSieben Accelerator. The renowned programme contributed to the company's further growth. The innovative product even found favour in the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen", but the founders deliberately decided against the investment offer. Independence paid off.

The crowning glory of success: takeover by Ströer

In 2016, Foodist was acquired by none other than the MDAX company Ströer. The Companists who participated in the purchase price realised a high return. This step marked the culmination of a fascinating success story that began with the support of Companisto.

Foodist today: On a new mission under aboutfood

Today, the Foodist brand can be found under aboutfood, which successfully continues the concept of diverse food boxes. The various food boxes offer new discoveries from the big wide world of food at every turn. From delicious chocolate to crispy crisps - with aboutfood, the food boxes promise culinary surprises for every taste. The collaboration between Foodist and Companisto is the recipe for success for an impressive development that not only makes the founders proud, but also the Companists who invested. A culinary journey that began with an idea and became a real feast thanks to the right financing on Companisto.

Roundstats 1-3:

  • Financed in Q2 2013, Q1 2014 and Q2 2015
  • 1.5 million EUR from 2,398 investors (part. subordinated loans)
  • Pre-money valuation was 1.1 million EUR, 2 million EUR and 5.5 million EUR

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