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HERO Software

First mover in the growth market with three financing rounds via Companisto subscribes VC follow-up financing

The business model of HERO Software GmbH (formerly energieheld and Lyke GmbH) is characterized by the successful distribution of cloud-based project and order management software for trade businesses. With an experienced founding team that can look back on many years of entrepreneurial experience, the company has won several awards every year since 2019.

Pressure to innovate in the construction industry: HERO as a leading startup

HERO established itself as a leading startup in the digitalization of the construction and trade industry, which was under strong pressure to innovate. The company positioned itself as the market leader for cloud tradesman software in direct sales and received several awards in 2021, including the Stevie Award in Gold and the Digital Champions Award in the Digital Products and Services category. The company was not only recognized as the best company of 2021, but also honored for its digital innovation and services. Thanks to high scaling in sales and continuous growth, HERO was able to increase its enterprise value from 3.5 million euros to an impressive 19.1 million euros. This corresponds to an increase of 412.73% since the first financing round.

Debt capital & redemption agreement:

HERO went through three rounds of financing, which contributed significantly to its success story. The first round, under the name energieheld, was financed with debt capital in Q2 2016. In this round, 541 Companists invested a total of EUR 226,790 in a subordinated profit-participating loan.The pre-money valuation was EUR 3.5 million, and a redemption agreement was reached after 8 years, which generated an impressive 442 percent return for the Companists. for the Companists.

Equity & exit:

The second round, under the name Lyke GmbH, took place in Q2 2019 and was financed by equity. A total of 180 Companists invested EUR 759,252, with a pre-money valuation of EUR 10 million. The third round, as HERO Software, was closed in Q3 2021 as SERIES A financing. Here, investors invested EUR 1.8 million in equity and a further EUR 700,000 through co-investments, with a pre-money valuation of EUR 16.5 million.

The largest VC follow-on financing in Companisto's history

In July 2022, HERO announced the completion of SERIES A financing totaling over EUR 8 million. The experienced venture capital firm Cusp Capital, which already has well-known companies such as Zalando, Delivery Hero and Klarna in its portfolio, took the lead. This successful financing round marks a milestone as the largest VC follow-up financing of a portfolio startup in Companisto's history.

Companisto as a loyal companion on the road to success

In the Companisto portfolio since 2016, HERO received almost EUR 3 million in capital from almost 1,000 Companists over the three financing rounds. The Companists remain the largest shareholder group after the founders. HERO has become a clear market leader for cloud craftsman software in the DACH region, with over 2,000 customers and an annual turnover of over 1 billion euros.

Outlook: HERO's future and European expansion

HERO will invest the growth capital from the SERIES A financing in accelerating product development and preparing for European expansion. As a shareholder group, Companisto remains a supportive partner that will continue to contribute with expertise from various industries to help HERO achieve its ambitious goals.

Roundstats 1 (energieheld):

  • financed in Q2 2016
  • 226,790 EUR from 541 investors (partial subordinated loan)
  • Pre-money valuation was 3.5 million EUR

Roundstats 2 (Lyke GmbH):

  • financed in Q2 2019
  • 759,252 EUR from 180 investors (equity)
  • Pre-money valuation was 10 million EUR

Roundstats 3 (HER0 Software GmbH):

  • SERIES A financed in Q3 2021
  • 1.8 million EUR from investors (equity) and 700 thousand EUR in co-investments
  • Pre-money valuation is 16.5 million EUR

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