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KoRo, an online trading company for natural foods and dried fruit, has developed into an impressive success story. With a mission based on transparency, sustainability and fair prices, the company has managed to become a major player in the food market in a short space of time. Another highlight of this success story was undoubtedly the largest largest exit in Companisto's history to date.

The Beginnings of KoRo

KoRo started as a drugstore provider and quickly specialized in trading natural foods and dried fruits. Even in its early stages, the company's potential became apparent, and its products began to find their way into other countries. It became widely known in the media that one of the founders was the first in Europe to collect all Pokémon GO figures, leveraging this achievement for KoRo's promotion. KoRo also recognized the significant impact of influencer marketing as the strongest avenue for their revenue growth.

Companisto as an Important Companion

In its initial phase, KoRo achieved a turnover of around one million euros. Companists first supported KoRo in 2018, and quickly, KoRo became the fastest-growing food startup in Germany, reaching triple-digit growth figures. Another crucial step for KoRo was the involvement of Dr. Georg Kofler, a well-known entrepreneur and investor, also recognized from the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen" (The Lion's Den). In 2019, Georg Kofler's Social Chain AG became a shareholder in KoRo. This investment increased due to the strong growth in turnover and the promising prospects of the company. Companists also demonstrated their confidence in KoRo by investing in the form of a fixed-interest loan in 2019. The company continued its rapid growth trajectory, increasing its turnover to an impressive 65 million euros in 2021, tripling the previous year's revenue.

The Greatest Success Story of Companisto: The KoRo Exit

In March 2022, the invested Companists made a groundbreaking decision. With a majority of over 75%, they voted to sell their shares to renowned venture capital firms such as HV Capital, Five Season Ventures, and Partech. This resulted in the recent financing round of the rapidly growing startup simultaneously becoming an exit with a sixfold return.

The Track Record of KoRo

The success story of KoRo is not only the impressive development of a company pursuing its mission of transparency and sustainability but also a significant success for Companisto. KoRo's exit underscores Companisto's ability to support promising startups and help them achieve breakthroughs. The largest exit in Companisto's corporate history shows that investments in innovative and future-oriented companies like KoRo can be highly profitable not only for entrepreneurs but also for the investors themselves. KoRo has proven that a clear vision, a dedicated team, and the right partners can pave the way for success. In this regard, KoRo's exit is not just a success story for the company itself but also a milestone for Companisto, reaffirming its outstanding role in the world of startup investments.

Summary of Funding Rounds

Roundstats 1:

Q2 2018 financed 422,715 EUR from 700 investors (participatory subordinated loan) Pre-money valuation was 5.5 million euros

Roundstats 2:

Q2 2019 financed 637,250 EUR from 424 investors (matured subordinated loan with fixed interest, known as Venture Loan)

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