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Solarnative: A prime example in the world of sustainable energy

The largest follow-on investment by Companists outside of a round on the private investor platform

In the constantly evolving world of renewable energy, Solarnative from Hofheim am Taunus stands as a shining example of what can be achieved with determination, innovation and dedication. This remarkable start-up has not only redefined the solar industry, but also set a new benchmark for sustainable energy solutions.

Miniaturized Micro-Inverters: A Technical Revolution

The journey of Solarnative GmbH to success began with a groundbreaking innovation - a dramatically miniaturized micro-inverter. This technological marvel has the potential to increase the energy yield of PV systems by up to 10%. In an industry focused on maximum efficiency, this innovation represents a quantum leap. Unlike traditional micro-inverters that require complex post-installation processes, Solarnative's solution integrates micro-inverters directly into PV modules during the manufacturing process. This not only reduces installation costs but also enhances the overall system performance.

Protected High-Frequency Resonance Technology

A unique feature of Solarnative's micro-inverters from Hofheim is the patented high-frequency resonance technology developed by Henk Oldenkamp. This technology significantly lowers manufacturing costs, making Solarnative a industry leader with a competitive advantage. By reducing costs by 50%, Solarnative has positioned itself as a pioneer in the industry, combining innovation with cost efficiency.

Reliability and Horizon Expansion

Solarnative GmbH's micro-inverters offer more than just increased efficiency. They provide end-users with a more reliable and secure system, especially in the event of a fire. Additionally, these micro-inverters offer advanced monitoring features, allowing users to closely monitor their energy production and consumption. The innovation journey of Solarnative doesn't end with micro-inverters. The company is already working to expand its potential into emerging markets such as battery storage and electric vehicles. In fact, they have already produced initial prototypes in these areas, promising to bring the same level of innovation and efficiency to these sectors.

A Remarkable Financial Growth Story

The success of Solarnative Hofheim extends beyond its technological achievements. The way they have raised capital is equally impressive. Companisto is proud to have conducted highly successful funding rounds with Solarnative.

Follow-on Financing - Summary of Key Highlights:

The Series B1 funding round in March 2023 brought in an incredible 4.17 million euros, representing the largest follow-on financing by Companisto investors outside the platform. This funding round elevated Solarnative GmbH's current valuation to an astonishing 20 million euros, marking a remarkable increase in company value of over 500% since their initial Companisto round. The second follow-on financing in August 2023 also raised 4 million euros, demonstrating another significant success and further increasing Companisto's valuation. Solarnative has not only transformed the PV market but has also set a new standard for energy companies worldwide. Their exceptional success is not only an inspiration but also evidence that true innovation and hard work are still highly valued in the world of renewable energy.

Roundstats 1:

  • Funded in Q2 2021
  • €493,276 from 20 angel investors (equity)
  • Pre-money valuation was €3.95 million

Roundstats 2:

  • Funded in Q3 2022
  • €3,481,910 from 1065 investors (equity)
  • Pre-money valuation was €11.3 million

Series B1, March 2023 & Series B2, August 2023

  • Funded in Q1 & Q3 2023
  • B1: €4.17 million
  • Company valuation: €20 million, an increase of over 500%
  • B2: €4 million

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