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Companisto's professional team consists of entrepreneurs, venture capital investors and start-up experts. With decades of experience in venture capital, we select the most interesting investment opportunities for you and manage the entire investment process.
Tamo Zwinge, LL.M.
Managing Director
Tamo Zwinge is a former lawyer of the international law firm CMS Hasche Sigle. He is a member of the Board of Directors for Law and Regulation of the German Crowdfunding Association and is a regular expert before the Finance Committee of the German Parliament.
David Rhotert
Managing Director
David Rhotert founded his first start-up in 2002, which he successfully sold. Since then he has focused on venture capital investments and has established a strong network in the German-speaking start-up scene over two decades.
Christoph Schweizer
Head of Investment
Christoph Schweizer has been involved in venture capital and business angel financing for over 20 years, notably as a former partner at btov Partners, a leading European venture capital provider for entrepreneurial private investors.

News from the start-up industry

Blog | 20 June 2019
Vom Produzenten zum Verbraucher - Die Handelsstufen einfach erklärt
In unserer Companisto-Infografik vergleichen wir die Wege eines Produktes im Einzelhandel und E-Commerce am Beispiel KoRo - von seinem Ursprung bis zum Verbraucher.
Academy | 07 June 2019
Due Diligence kompakt erklärt
Bevor ein Investor sein Geld in eine Kapitalanlage investiert, beschäftigt sich dieser idealerweise mit dem angebotenen Produkt. Auch bei Investitionen in Startups und Wachstumsunt
News | 05 June 2019
KoRo reports new sales record, remains profitable and expands abroad
In May 2019, KoRo achieves its historically best revenue and continues to grow profitably.
News | 20 June 2019
KoRo continues on course for success - Growth in cart and product range
KoRo is able to increase the value of its shopping baskets by constantly expanding its product range. The brand is also further developed and strengthened.
Blog | 22 May 2019
„Wir bieten Audio-Erotik, die das Kopfkino von Frauen anheizt“
Das SexTech-Startup femtasy Audio-Erotik für Frauen, die das Kopfkino anheizt. Im Interview verrät femtasy-Gründerin Nina Julie Lepique, wie die weibliche Fantasie funktioniert, warum wei
Academy | 12 April 2019
Investieren in Lifestyle-Produkte
Modische Lifestyle-Produkte sind Produkte, die unser Leben schöner machen und als Symbol für unseren Lebensstil stehen. Nicht selten sind sie für den Besitzer auch Statussymbo

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