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Startup and Investor Events

Please be welcome and participate in one of our exciting events around the topics of startups, financing and venture capital.

Masterclass: Das Pitch-Deck - Dos and Don’ts
Learning Event
Thu, 20 Jan. 2022 - 12:00 - 13:30 CET

Das Pitch-Deck ist das zentrale Schriftstück für eine strukturierte Unternehmenspräsentation. Das Pitch-Deck dient dazu, das Geschäftsmodell systemati ...

Registered participants: 150

Masterclass: INVEST-Zuschuss für Startup-Investments
Staatlich geförderte Investitionen in Startups
Thu, 10 Mar. 2022 - 13:00 - 14:00 CET

Mit dem INVEST-Zuschuss hat Deutschland ein attraktives Förderprogramm für Investitionen in Startups geschaffen. 20% des Investments werden damit erst ...

Registered participants: 2

Event ended
Founderpitch with BigRep
Leading industrial 3D printing company drives growth.
Wed, 12 Jan. 2022 - 18:00 - 18:45 CET

Expected last round of financing before exit: Leading industrial 3D printing company drives growth. ...

Registered participants: 30

Status of our Investments

113,966,593.83 €
  Paid out
74,821,673 €
17,112,188 €
22,032,732 €
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19,3 %
Financing Rounds
191 Rounds
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123 Rounds
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52 Rounds
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* Status as of 31 December 2021

Success Stories

Our investor network has financed over 100 start-ups and growth companies. Invest together with professional investors in highly innovative companies. Only members have access to our current investment opportunities.

€ 19,905,000 from 4,205 investors

Global leader in cloud-based and touchless gesture-driven customer interfaces in public spaces.

With a total of 20 million EUR raised and renowned clients and partners, the company value increased by 956% to 92.94 million EUR.


AMERIA AG is the software specialist for the development of digital marketing and sales solutions for the acquisition of customer data on experience-oriented shopping in public areas (city and retail).

With their worldwide unique, highly scalable cloud solution, they can play / upload digital content from various end devices in public spaces and thus turn shopping back into a personalised shopping experience. A flagship device is an 84 inch monitor, which interacts with the customer via a gesture-free control.

Roundstats 1:
  • Q2 2016 financed
  • 1,100,000 euros from 1,280 investors (partiar subordinated loan)
  • Pre-money valuation was 7.7 million euros
Roundstats 2:
  • Q2 2017 financed
  • 1,400,000 euros from 867 investors (partiar subordinated loan)
  • Pre-money valuation was 22.5 million euros
Roundstats 3 & 4:
  • Q4 2018 or Q2 2020 financed
  • 9.4 million euros from over 1,300 investors, including 100 business angels
  • Pre-money valuation was € 53.6 million or € 66.8 million (equity)
  • first equity-based share issue via a platform in Germany!
Roundstats 5:
  • Q2 2021 financed
  • 8 million euros from 614 investors, including 145 business angels
  • Pre-money valuation was 71.9 million euros
  • first equity financing with a maximum of 8 million euros
Success Facts:
  • 20 million euros collected from 4,205 investors
  • Company valuation increased from 8.8 million to 92.94 million (956%)
  • virtual increase in the share value of AMERIA 1 (573%)
  • highest single investment on Companisto (2 million euros)
  • 5 million collected from more than 500 investors in March 2020 despite Corona
  • international clients with key customers in the target industries (Lego, HARIBO, Porsche, Bayer, Deutsche Bank, DerTour)
  • Global Partner of SAP and Accenture
€ 1,059,965 from 1,124 investors

Healthy, high quality and delicious natural food and beverages at fair prices, sustainable and directly from the producer.

Enterprise value increased by over 50% and sales grew exponentially to 20 million EUR backed up with a strong shareholder network.


KoRo is an online trading platform for natural foods such as dried fruits, nuts and juices, which brings farmers and customers directly together by omitting intermediate trade. This benefits all parties involved: the customer receives quality products and saves money, the farmers are paid fairly and KoRo achieves significantly higher margins than traditional traders. Price changes can be viewed transparently for each product.

Roundstats 1:
  • Q2 2018 financed
  • 422,715 euros from 700 investors (partiar subordinated loan)
  • Pre-money valuation was 5.5 million euros
Roundstats 2:
  • Q2 2019 financed
  • 637,250 euros from 424 investors (subordinated loan with fixed interest rate = venture loan)
Success Facts:
  • Company value increased from 22.1 million euros to 37.85 million (+539 %)
  • very strong sales growth due to Influencer Marketing
    • 2016: 1 million euro
    • 2017: 2 million euro (+100% compared to previous year)
    • 2018: 3 million euro (+50% compared to last year)
    • 2019: Euro 5.6 million (+87% compared to previous year)
    • 2020: 20 million euro (+257% compared to the previous year)
  • strong shareholder with Gerhard Kofler / Social Chain Group, known from The Lion's Den - Chairman of Premiere, Pro7 and the HSE24 predecessor
€ 250,000 from 426 investors

Lovingly designed and high-quality wallets, handmade in Munich.

Companisto investors hold approx. 13% of the shares with an enterprise value of €10.9 million and significant sales growth, ensuring an annual profit distribution.


Jaimie Jacobs is a new label for smart wallets and travel accessories from Munich. They make beautiful handmade products from the best materials with extraordinary and clever functions with the focus on making life more exciting, more comfortable and simply more fun.

  • Q1 2015 financed
  • 250,000 euros from 426 investors (partiar subordinated loan)
  • Pre-money valuation was 1 million euro (20% share)
Success Facts:
  • after pivot (2016) there will be annual profit distributions the investors
  • the turnover is generated by Media Deal with Pro7, which after conversion are now also shareholders, the company value increased to 10.9 million euros due to the Pro7 participation
  • Current value growth for investor 777%
  • Our investors hold approx. 13 %.
  • Sales in the mid single-digit million range, growth in the mid double-digit range
  • Profits in the low 6-digit range
€ 100,000 from 421 investors

In just four years, market leader for online bookable doctor appointments and an exit through sale to Doctena from Luxembourg. Six-figure payouts to Companisto investors.


A business model from the USA, transferred to the German market. doxter was the first, successful Internet platform for online bookable doctor's appointments around the clock. The Berlin-based company was launched in 2012 with an EXIST startup grant and has become the market leader in Germany in just four years. At the time, the five founders were the first startup to opt for financing via Companisto; they are, so to speak, our pioneers. Through the sale to Doctena in 2016, the investors received a six-figure payout.

  • Q2 2012 funded
  • EUR 100,000 from 421 investors (silent participation).
  • Pre-money valuation was EUR 1.5 million
Success Facts:
  • In 4 years to market leader in Germany
  • Exit to Doctena
  • Six-figure payout to investors

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With over 100,000 members, we are Germany's largest investor network for start-up investments. On our platform you will find selected start-ups in which you can invest online.

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About us

Companisto's professional team consists of entrepreneurs, venture capital investors and start-up experts. With decades of experience in venture capital, we select the most interesting investment opportunities for you and manage the entire investment process.
Tamo Zwinge
Tamo Zwinge, LL.M. (Hons)
Founding Partner
Managing Director
Tamo Zwinge is a former lawyer of the international law firm CMS Hasche Sigle. He is a member of the Board of Directors for Law and Regulation of the German Crowdfunding Association and is a regular expert before the Finance Committee of the German Parliament.
David Rhotert
David Rhotert
Founding Partner
Managing Director
David Rhotert founded his first start-up in 2002, which he successfully sold. Since then he has focused on venture capital investments and has established a strong network in the German-speaking start-up scene over two decades.
Christoph Schweizer
Christoph Schweizer
Head of Investment
Christoph Schweizer has been involved in venture capital and business angel financing for over 20 years, notably as a former partner at btov Partners, a leading European venture capital provider for entrepreneurial private investors.
Stephan Beyer
Dr. Stephan Beyer
Venture Partner
Dr. Stephan Beyer is a serial entrepreneur and was a founder in innovation and digital manufacturing. He realized ten exits in the fields of B2B, software, deep tech and medtech. Today, he supports leading tech companies as trusted advisor and as member of the advisory board.
Carsten Brandt
Carsten Brandt
Venture Partner
Carsten Brandt has 20 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. In 2016, he merged the Asia Pacific unit of his international IT consulting firm with Cornerstone Performance Management. Since then he has been an active business angel in the DACH sector.
Wolfgang Schmidt
Wolfgang Schmidt
Venture Partner
Wolfgang Schmidt is a successful IT entrepreneur, e.g. in the field of business process digitalization. In 2010 he was one of the initiators and co-founders of Cloud Ecosystem e.V. His equity portfolio contains a double-digit number of larger investments.

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