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On Companisto, more than 40,000 Companists have invested a combined total of over €22 million in growth companies and start-ups. Because of its current investment volume of more than €1 million per month, Companisto is the market leader in equity crowdfunding in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. On this page, we are providing you with an overview of how the start-ups financed through Companisto have developed in a financial sense (last updated: August 2015).

Company Value Development of Companisto Start-ups

The total value of the start-ups financed through Companisto has increased from €83.51 million to €102.92 million since these start-ups' equity crowdfunding campaigns.

This corresponds to a 23.24 % increase in value.

We calculated the current company value based on the valuations used during the start-ups' most recent follow-up financing rounds.

Average Share Value Development

The value of the Companists' shares has increased by 15.32 % on average. In other words, investors who invested the same amount (e.g., €500) in all start-ups available on Companisto saw an average increase in share value of 15.32 %.

Investments in equity crowdfunding campaigns are long-term investments. The shares from 2012 have seen the most significant increase in value. In fact, their value has increased by an average of 87.60 %. Still, the shares from 2015 have also increased in value by 6.23 % already.

In total, all investment years since Companisto's launch in 2012 have experienced an increase in value.

Average Annual Share Value Development

If one converts the increases in share value to annual values, the average annual increase in value amounts to 8.50 %.

The annual increase in share value is thus significantly higher than the return on many traditional investment products, but it should be noted that an increase in share value is a potential future return rather than a return that is actually paid out. The final return paid out to investors may be higher or lower.

Bankruptcy Statistics

For the calculation of value increases, we also took account of the five cases of bankruptcy during the approximately three years since the launch of Companisto.

In total, five out of 38 start-ups financed through Companisto have been declared bankrupt, which corresponds to 13.16 %. The capital invested in these five start-ups amounts to 5.57 % of the total capital invested through Companisto.

KPIs of Start-ups Financed Through Companisto

With annual revenues of approximately €10 million, 278 jobs created, and 1.66 million customers, the start-ups financed through Companist make a positive contribution to the overall economy.

The Companisto start-ups are also enjoying considerable popularity among investors outside the crowd. Indeed, for each euro invested by the crowd, the start-ups received more than two euros from other investors (venture capital companies, angel investors, banks, etc.).

Consequently, in most cases, professional and/or institutional investors have confirmed the validity of the Companisto start-ups' business models after evaluating the start-ups.

Last updated: August 2015

Additional statistics, diagrams, and analyses are available in our Equity Crowdfunding Performance Monitor:

  Equity crowdfunding performance monitor

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